Sunday, January 5, 2014

Different types of readers and an update

Different Types of Readers

I thought I'd share this fun link.  Different people read different ways, because they have different needs and interests.  I think I tend to flit between types D, E, and F.

I buy many more books than I have time to read, and I hold onto them over extended periods of time thinking I'll get to them all eventually.

I can become very emotional over the right books.  I almost feel like the Harry Potter series is a part of my lifestyle, for example.  Any time a new book or film comes out, I know I'm going to run out and consume it right away.  That kind of committment to media can be an emotional roller coaster.  But it's fun, and it's meaningful to me.

If I find something I don't like, however, I can be very critical about it to the point of hypocrisy.  After that fourth Twilight book, I ranted about how poorly written it was.  But I'm also a fan of Supernatural, and let's face it.  Season 9 is so bad.  I really had no room to talk about Twilight fans, in retrospect.

So, here's an update as to where I am with my reading at the moment.  I'm most of the way through "Call of Cthulu" by HP Lovecraft.  I'm a quarter of the way into "The Truth," by Terry Pratchett.  And I'm several scenes into "A Feast for Crows," by George RR Martin.  Like I said before, I like to switch around based on what I feel like reading at the moment.  I'm most excited about "A Feast for Crows," but that's only because I've read "The Truth" before.

Also, I've preordered "Raising Steam."  I'm a huge fan of Terry Pratchett's work, and I'm very excited about the new title in the series.  Moist Von Lipwig is a terrific character, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he's up to this time.  I hypothesize we're going to see some Steampunk elements in this one.