Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's learn to speak High Valyrian!

So, I'm only a couple of chapters into Wuthering Heights.  I've enjoyed what I've read so far.  I'll get back to that when I've read more.

But here's something interesting related to A Song of Ice and Fire.  How would you like to learn a Conlang?

I would like to learn to speak a Conlang.  I've thought about learning to speak Quenya or Klingon in the past because I'm that kind of nerd, but I definitely don't have the Klingon persona down.  And while Quenya is pretty and interesting, but as the man says, it's not a complete language.

I would like to learn some High Valyrian, because I mean (spoilers)

But how would one go about doing that?  I mean, it's easy enough to find a tutorial in Dothraki.

But so far I haven't found many tutorials in High Valyrian.  Probably because they haven't been speaking High Valyrian as much on the show?  I don't know?  There are some websites one can go to for words in High Valyrian.
Valyrian Numerals
High Valyrian Vocabulary

I'm not a linguist, so I have no idea how the pronunciation would work.  There are some videos on Youtube that go over pronunciation of syllables.

Hopefully there will be some more practical tutorials in the future.  Interesting stuff!

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