Monday, February 3, 2014

Weeks later, I've finally finished "A Feast For Crows."

And here's what I thought about it:

This book was LONG.  It was in the neighborhood of a thousand pages.  This is probably the longest book I've ever read.  I've probably read series shorter than this.  And the book was originally much, much longer, and he cut it in half!  I don't know how George R.R. Martin manages to write so prolifically and pack so much plot into the books.  I mean, there is filler, but it's hard to tell what isn't important, there are so many important things.  And I've talked to other people who've read the books, and the things that stood out as important to me were things they didn't remember well.

I think I know who Jon Snow's mother is, and my theory is my favorite thing about the books.

I support house Targaryen's claim to the iron throne.

I still hate Cersei Lannister.  I've also decided she's stupid.

HOUSE MARTELL.  Oh my gosh, if you haven't read these books, go do it.  I'll wait here.  House Martell is legit amazing, I love every last one of those characters.  I had to stop and hug my book at the end of Arienne's last chapter.  THAT FAMILY.  I'm amazed.

I love this world so much, I've bought supplies to cosplay Lyanna Stark.  And after that, I want to do Elia Martell.  Because Starks and Martells, lovelies.

A Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire is now my main fandom.

I'm going to have to pick a shorter book for my blog next time, though, because this took forever.

<3  Can't wait for April.